Farm Table Build

Here is a way for you to build a farm table yourself on a budget.

built farm table top 

I was able to use some reclaimed heart pine wood from an old house for the table top.

You can find pine 1x12 shelving board or (1 x 12 x 8 Kiln-Dried Whitewood Softwood Board)
at your local home improvement store for under $20.00 each.

I used four for the top and one more cut long ways three inches wide for the table sides(table skirt).

A 1"x12"x8' board is really 3/4 inch thick x 11 and 1/2 inch wide and 8 foot long.

 farm table aprons  Here I cut 3/4 pine 3 inches wide to make the aprons.
 I notched the ends to make the tenons to be inserted
 into the morteses on the table legs.
 cut Mortise in table legs  I marked the places for the apron tenons to be inserted and drilled out the area with
 a 1/2" drill bit. Then trued up the edges with a chisel to prepare for the skirt tenons.
 farm table legs

 I glued the tenons into the legs and squared the table up to let it dry.

 Farm Table finished

 The top boards were added and the table was sprayed with three coats
 of satin polyurethane for durable finish, so no worry about water
 marks left from sweating glasses and such.

 If you are not able to get heart pine to use for your rustic project, you can stain the new boardswith a  golden peacon stain or any stain color you choose then brush polyurathane for top coat.

 I like a satin top coat because it leaves an antigue furniture look that I really like. You can top
coatwithany sheen you prefer gloss or satin. Polyurathane will protect the finish from water staine
 and more.