Painted China Cabinet


This was an easy painted furniture project that you could do yourself. The china cabinet was purchased in the 1960's and handed down by my mother. It has seen a lot of use over the years and was in dire need of refinishing.

I decided, that instead going through the mess of stripping the finish and applying new stain, I would give it an antique look with a distressed black china cabinet paint job.

Take a look at the results below.


 beforechinacab 427x640

 I already removed hardware and doors from the china cabinet before taking pictures. First, I cleaned the piece with a degreaser-cleaner to remove any oils or dirt. I then lightly sanded the old finish with 220 grit sandpaper to prepare the surface for paint.

upclosechinacab 640x427

 As you can see, the finish was rubbed off the corner. The beauty of this process is that it doesn't matter because painting furniture in this fashion will hide the imperfections in the color of the finish.

upclosechinacabafter 640x427

 Using a small foam roller and a brush, I applied 2 coats of latex satin black paint and let it dry overnight. I used a satin paint just because I already had it. The final sheen will be detemined by the finish coat. I then lightly sanded corners, edges and other areas to mimmick natural wear. In some spots where the wood was too light, I used a stain pen to darken.  

afterchinacab 475x640

Lastly, for the finish coat I coated the entire project with water based polyurethane in a satin finish to have a more natural worn look. You can choose gloss or satin depending on your preference. By finishing with poly, the piece is better protected from stains, wear, or wet glass rings.