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I want to share some of the landscaping I have done around my home. I wanted my house to have a rustic garden feel and think plants and outdoor decor play a very important role in achieving that overall look and feel.

I am learning landscaping and about plants as I go, I have a black thumb that can almost kill a faux plant. I believe it is slowly turning green now but I need to learn much more.

I planted Angel trumpets on each side of the porch and have some lilies planted next to them. As you can see the lilies on the left are doing much better than the ones on the right. See easy to make walkway.
I love the Angel Trumpets and you can smell their sweet scent  before you get near them.

The mulch is a mixture of cypress from our local home improvement store and a load I got for free from a contractor that was cutting trees and limbs for the local power company. Just ask them about it and see.

In the back I have planted a Crepe Myrtle, lilies, rosemary, a evergreen I can't remember it's name, and a little annual. I think the green against the dark color I painted the house really look good. I am going for the rustic look, so I added a piece of driftwood, slate and rocks.
Around the base of a pecan tree I've planted more lilies, a couple of annuals and a tomato plant. I like adding tomato plants randomly in my flower beds. I want to add a variety of vegetables also in other beds all so.
Here is a white hydrangea that is one of about four that I have planted in various spots. Here I found a vining hydrangea
I love the variegated leaves on the one lily but the purple on the other one is all so beautiful. There is all so a caladium planted to the left of the little pecan tree. I can't remember what the plant is to the left of the variegated lily.
This little bed has a cherry tree, hydrangeas, verbena, and three small azaleas.
I have planted a crepe myrtle on the corner and a few lilies down the side of the porch. I have all so planted three May Night Salvia plants that have a purple bloom. Somewhere in there are a few burgundy glow ajuga's.