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Rustic Porch Railing

I wanted railings to add to the rustic style for our home I was looking for. These are very easy to do.

I found two rustic metal wall decor pieces and my husband cut them and drilled two holes on each side for them to fit in a 2x4 frame he built. These metal pieces would work well. You would just drill holes for the four tips to fit in your railings.
The spindles are 1/2" emt electrical conduit I purchased at our local home improvement store. I painted them black with a good outdoor metal paint.
My husband measured out on each side of the frame of the center decorative piece to equally space the spindles. He then used a drill and a 3/4" forstner bit to get a clean cut hole. It only consists of the top and bottom 2x4's and then two for the side of the frame for the rustic metal piece. The pipe was cut about 33 1/2" long to make the spindles and the holes were drilled around an inch deep on both the top and bottom rails to hold the pipe. Check your local building code for railing requirements.